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Whether you're new to Intuit or a seasoned user, you can find training, online help, QuickBooks experts near you & product support. So you can increase your productivity and save time.

Accounting Cycle - The Only Intuit-Endorsed QuickBooks Training Program in Canada


Accounting Cycle: The Only Intuit-Endorsed QuickBooks Training Provider in Canada

Get Web-based or in-class training! Sign up for QuickBooks Level 1, QuickBooks Level 2 or QuickBooks Payroll. Courses are taught by experts in QuickBooks who are also small business owners - like you.

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Our network of QuickBooks experts can address all of your QuickBooks needs, including:

  • Setting up QuickBooks
  • Troubleshooting and file clean up
  • Reporting and customization
  • Training and ongoing support

Find a ProAdvisor near you!

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Learn Intuit Products! Request an Intuit Speaker

Bring in a member of the Intuit Speaker Network to speak on topics designed for accounting pros, like how to support small businesses well. Speakers can also instruct on:

  • QuickBooks Accountant Edition & QuickBooks Pro
  • QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions
  • Intuit Payroll
  • ProFile professional tax software


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Intuit Products Online Support

Access QuickBooks, ProFile, TurboTax (QuickTax) or Quicken Support Online

On the Intuit Canada support site, you'll find all the help, advice & answers you need for our top software solutions. Get fast access to product news & updates, FAQs, contact info - and more.

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Intuit Products Live Community

Remember: In-Product Help Is Also Available

No matter which Intuit software you use, you'll find easy-to-access, thorough in-product help. 

NEW! In-Product Live Community Help
Both QuickBooks and QuickTax now offer the Live Community. Reach out to other software users like you right at the moment you need help using this quick & easy tool.


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Download Free Trials of QuickBooks and ProFile Tax Software

Free trials are now available for our top solutions.

You can even try our personal & unincorporated business tax software for free. Just choose your online edition